Universe Effects

From left to right: Francis Grégoire (Keyboards), Gabriel Antoine Vallée (Vocals/Guitars), Philippe Pouliot (Drums), Dominic Tapin-Brousseau (Bass), Gabriel Cyr (Guitars)


At first, the members of the band were Gabriel Cyr (guitars), Francis Grégoire (keyboards), Philippe Pouliot (drums) and Dominic Tapin-Brousseau (bass). Playing a couple of instrumental original songs as well as progressive song covers, the band members quickly became close to each others and shared the same vision for the project's future. It was clear to everyone that a singer would eventually complete the formation. After a couple auditions, Gabriel Antoine Vallée joined the band in 2012 to officially form Universe Effects. Two years of composition and hard work followed for them to finally record their first album In the Haze that Surrounds Us, presenting a progressive rock/metal music with a touch of epic.

Influences : Dream Theater, Rush, Liquid Tension Experiment, Planet X, Freak Kitchen, Symphony X, Steven Wilson, Transatlantic, Spock’s Beard, Yes, Porcupine Tree, Andromeda, Ark, Hans Zimmer, John Williams and many others ...