Here's a detailed review of...


Here's a detailed review of Desolation by!

Here are a few spectacular shots...


Here are a few spectacular shots from Sebastien Durocher from our release show for Desolation, last monday at Théatre Petit Champlain!

Album out...


Album out now!


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Amazon Music:



Desolation is now out on all major...


Desolation is now out on all major platforms for you to buy or listen to! Spread the word, share the love! We hope you'll like it!

You might have been wondering why...


You might have been wondering why you haven't heard of Desolation today. Long story short, we've had problems with our digital distribution, but we've fixed it and the album is being added to your favorite distribution platforms as we speak! Meanwhile, you can grab yourself a digital copy on our bandcamp page (as well as listen to it beforehand) by following this link:

So far, the only other platforms that has received and put it online is Google Play and Amazon Music. We're sorry about the inconveniences this may bring. We'll make another official post when it is up on most platforms.

You can also check out the shop section on our website ( to find some new merch as well as order a physical copy if you prefer it that way!