It's been a week since the release...


It's been a week since the release of Oblivious and your feedback has been great so far! If you can't wait the album release, you can buy the single on itunes, google play and pretty much every other online platform, or stream it on websites such as spotify! Here are a few links where you can find it!

Can't wait to hear Desolation?...


Can't wait to hear Desolation? Here's a little something to chew on until the full release on October 29th! You can watch the lyric video for Oblivious by clicking on the link down below!

Here's a news article about...


Here's a news article about Gabriel's victory at the UK Guitar Show (in french)!

We want to congratulate our...


We want to congratulate our guitarist Gabriel Cyr for winning Guitarist of the Year 2018 at UK Guitar Show! We're super glad that your talent is being recognized!

Universe Effects 2018 From left to...


Universe Effects 2018

From left to right: Francis Grégoire (Keyboards), Gabriel Antoine Vallée (Vocals/Guitars), Philippe Pouliot (Drums), Dominic Tapin-Brousseau (Bass), Gabriel Cyr (Guitars)

Photoshoot by Loïc Dupuis - Photography